Sculpture in
the City

10TH EDITION 2021& 2022, Cunard Place, London, England
Gravel and limestone on canvas, each sculpture app. 200 x 90 x 80 cm

Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen is convinced that we urgently need to restart our partnership with the landscape and its materials through new narratives. We have always made myths about the landscape and invented stories about giants who throw stones. The artist believes we now need to develop new dreams and stories about and in the landscape. Can we create new stories? Can we bring the fantasy, the dreams bag into our local landscape?

The first circuit we learned to control was the carbon cycle. Understanding mathematics, chemistry and physics enabled us to change our surroundings and the landscape around us. Can we practice understanding the change of landscape by connecting us to the raw material extraction?

The work examines how we can create new contact with the body of the landscape, through its materials and encounter with the body of the sculpture.

Reactivity is featured with the support of the Danish Arts Foundation.

Photo: © Nick Turpin & Luke O’Donovan