Walking Landscapes 2021


Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen's walk POCKET-LAND-CREATORS started from reflections on how we make landscapes, both physically and mentally. How are they created and how do we experience them?

She explored the landscape with her body and translated the walk into clay. Before that, Regitze had spent a lot of time investigating gravel pits. She typically uses photography as part of her research, but on this walk she created physical records in clay. She translated her direct bodily experience of the landscape into small sculptures.

Every hour she modeled in clay a small sculpture of the way she experienced the landscape. She left the small sculptures on the route as documents, records and traces.

The walk and Regitze's handling of the clay was an attempt to get further away from language and closer to the physical being in place and material. On the walk, Regitze tried to create "space" with clay sculptures, which can be a lot - without anything being determined or defined. Imagination and play must have a place in sculpture, art, everyday life and the landscape.

Photo: Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen 

Photo: Inger Rønnefelt