Grav hvor du står


Spejdernes Lejr, Hedeland 2022 & “About Connecting Grounds”, Sorø 2023. 

Presented in collaboration with The Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, made with support from The Danish Arts Foundation. Painted start tent,13 meters in diameter and sound (24 hour recording from an active gravel pit)

What is it that is under our feet?

DIG WHERE YOU STAND is art installation that brings the active gravel pit back to Hedeland Nature Park. The work focuses on the materials that have been removed from the area and how this movement of materials has created the landscape. Visual artist Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen has reintroduced the materials from the gravel pit by putting their imprint on the tent cloth and by recording 24 hours from a local active gravel pit.

Step into the room and listen to an active gravel pit, which changes character depending on the time of day you listen with. Come while the machines are running, or listen to all the sounds that emerge when the working day is over and the gravel pit is left to itself. Take a moment to learn more about our consumption of raw materials and Hedeland Nature Park's history.


Photo: Maja Kongegaard Bramm & Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde

“About Connecting Grounds” 2023 

Photo: Mikkel Kaldal